Monday, June 29, 2009

Halfway there

This week it will be July. That means that my Instructional Tech class is almost halfway done. June has been a pretty good month, but I'm definitely ready for July.

Anyway, last week I was introduced to a program called VoiceThread. It's an online presentation program where you can share presentations with other members. For class, we went around and took pictures of music things (cause we're the music group in class), and then put them up on VoiceThread. It was pretty neat how you can comment and doodle on the pictures. My favorite part was leaving the voice comments, even though I bet my voice sounds dumb online.

You should definitely check out VoiceThreads though. It's a pretty legit program. (It reminds me a lot of stuff my brother does on his web-site at Duncan Booth.)

Oh yeah, our presentation from VoiceThread is the next post on the blog, so check it out.

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