Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movie for 486

So in my 486 class, we had to make a movie using 12-15 pictures. We had to add audio, titles, and use transitions in our movie. This was a pretty fun project, but gave a few headaches at the same time.

I could see a project like this being used in the music classroom. First off, I made my soundtrack for my movie using Garageband. It would be a good exercise for students to try their hand at composing music and editing music clips using this program. It was really easy, and I am sure some students already have a handle on Garageband. I know that my nephews are both avid Garageband users.

I could also see myself using this type of media at band banquets. As a teacher, I could also use it for teacher conferences, so parents have pictures and a video to watch of the band. At one school that I have worked at before, a teacher edited clips throughout the year of the competition show. The students were then able to take that home and have a scrapbook of the year. It was pretty cool.

Overall, I feel that this assignment is one that could fit into a music classroom. I as the teacher could use it for showcasing what students have done, or students could use it edit and mix their own stuff.

Anyway, here is the movie I made. (It's pictures of my wife and I from high school to now.)

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